Cleaning up the environment, and cleaning up in business

Multidisciplinary approach to reducing energy and environmental costs starting with electric bikes.

If you haven’t already met Darren Walters, you will soon. He’s on seven management committees of local volunteer organisations, and he participates in so many others he’s just about lost count. 

And if you haven’t already seen his electric trikes and pedal-assisted electric bikes zipping around the region, keep your eyes peeled – you’re bound to see them soon too. He’s gone from two bikes to a fleet of 25 in just a few years. 

‘My goal is to be one of the leading sustainable business in the world. That’s my goal,’ says Darren.

His business, Ecotekk, will let you take an e-bike or trike for a spin or take you on one of his many tours – the most popular destination being the Noosa North Shore beach tour on the electric Fatbikes.  

Sustainability is Darren’s ultimate focus, and he sits right at the intersection of economics and the environment. He is dedicated to making Noosa as green as possible, and growing his electric bike business is just the beginning.


It’s not only for Noosa, but using Noosa as a pilot for Australia, the world, where ever. Noosa’s got a great reputation, a great name for being green. There’s heaps of potential to do that.


He’s come this far by relentlessly engaging with the community – and by simply being himself.


Join these organisations and get people to know and trust you. Then when you want to do something, they know what you’re about. They know you’re not here just to use and abuse Noosa. Then they will back you when it comes to it because they know you’re here, you’re genuine, and you really care.

Darren has collaborated with Zero Emissions Noosa to acquire a grant from Noosa Council and collaborated with the Sunshine Coast Environment Council to acquire a grant from the Sunshine Coast Council to fund ‘Come & Try Electric Bikes’. In the future, Darren foresees the community working together more closely towards the goal of sustainability. 

For Ecotekk, Darren is looking to technological solutions. He has already started offering smart helmets, which have inbuilt headphones and microphones and connect to smartphones. He plans to integrate these with a geo-location app so that his customers can enjoy self-guided tours, tailored to their interests.

Darren has found that in Noosa, you get out what you put in. 

I love it. I just really love it. It’s a lot of planning, thinking and creativity I guess. It’s amazing what doors are opening up, and what you get given. I mean, you give out a lot of free rides, but you get given information and contacts and all that. I’m in it for the right reason.


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Multidisciplinary approach to reducing energy and environmental costs starting with electric bikes.

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