The Noosa Venture Playbook was developed in partnership with Innovate Noosa and the Noosa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQN), thanks to funding from the Australian Government Building Better Region’s Fund – Community Investments Stream.

Why build this tool?


The Noosa Venture Playbook provides a framework, guide, and tools to help individuals and organisations to:

  1. Assess the capacity needs of their ventures; and
  2. Create an action plan for developing priority capacities areas that utilises the resources available in the Noosa region along with a selection of online resources.

This tool is not a strict set of rules or prescriptive methodology to starting or growing your venture. It is designed as starting point to help you identify and structure how you might improve your capacity to establish a successful venture and should be considered in the context of your own unique situation.


Achieving economic diversity and resilience requires developing the Noosa community and regional capacities for innovation and entrepreneurship (knowledge, skills, resources, and ecosystems) so that new ventures can develop successfully.

Currently, there is no consistent, region-specific approach to supporting capacity development in this way.

The Noosa Venture Playbook is developed in response to this need.


Noosa region is one of Australia’s most desirable places to live, work and visit. It attracts new residents from the major capital cities throughout Australia, many who come to Noosa to build opportunities in business.

However, with an ageing population and continued reliance on tourism, the region faces some economic challenges. The economy is heavily geared towards retail, accommodation and food industries. It also has a lower full-time employment rate and median household income than other regional areas, which contributes to the potential for the region to be increasingly vulnerable to economic instability.

A core strategy in Noosa Shire Council’s Economic Plan 2016  for securing the region’s future is to support a more resilient and diverse local economy that promotes development of new, high-value industries and skilled employment opportunities that complement the region’s core social and environmental values.

With many self-starting and self-employed people living in the Noosa region, as well as many small businesses, there’s a substantial community of individuals and businesses who would benefit from increased capacity to innovate and grow, and to understand and connect with what’s available in the region to support them to innovate.

What is Capacity Development

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) defines capacity as “the ability of individuals, institutions and societies to perform functions, solve problems, and set and achieve objectives in a sustainable manner”  .

Capacity development is “the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time” .

Capacity development occurs at multiple levels, all of which must be integrated with the other: individual, organisation, and the broader system or enabling environment within which the entities and individuals function. It is an ongoing process and should be viewed as a long-term strategy for ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability rather than a singular, short-term project to get a business up and running.

This tool focuses on addressing capacity at the individual and organisation levels, and contributes to creating a better understanding of the innovation and business development capacity of the region.

Using this tool

Who is this playbook for?

The Innovation Capacity Development Tool was created for Individuals and organisations in Noosa region that are starting or want to start a new venture (e.g. project, business, activity, event).

Using this playbook?

Capacity development is an ongoing, iterative process, that involves assessing your capacities, creating a plan to strengthen them, implementing that plan, and then evaluating and reassessing. This Innovation Capacity Development Tool is intended to supports you to take first two steps in Capacity Development process: Assessment and Action Planning.

  1. Capacity Assessment Tool - use the online assessment tool to assess your innovation capacity for developing your venture. This tool will then automatically assess your innovation capacity and create an action plan with links to local an online resources that can help you to build you and your organisations innovation capability.
  2. Capacity Areas – the online framework presents 20 innovation capabilities, which are organised into four categories: knowledge & skills, planning & management, stakeholder engagement and resources. Exploring these capabilities can help you understand what they are and why they are important. It provides a structured way for you to think about, assess, and plan for capacity development.
  3. Noosa Innovation Ecosystem Map – this localised resource map showcases the Noosa innovation ecosystem. It provides information about the resources available in the Noosa (and Sunshine Coast) regions to help you strengthen your capacities as an entrepreneur. This ecosystem is a living resource, and will continue to be added to over time. Explore this map to find resources relevant to each of the Capacity Areas you prioritised through the assessment process.